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A Fearless Nail Art subscription means you'll receive nail art from us every month for as long as you're a subscriber. All subscription orders ship around the 4th of the month. Sign up on or before the 4th to get that month's nail art. We also sell previous boxes and a surprise box in our store!

We'll ship your first box by USPS first class mail and send you a tracking number.

Then your subscription will renew automatically on the 15th of every month - about two weeks before your next package ships. 

Sounds great, right? But here is the best part about a Fearless Nail Art subscription: there are NO contracts and you can cancel, skip a month, and resubscribe whenever you want! We'll also send out renewal reminder emails on the 14th because we don't want the renewals to catch you by surprise. 

We have three Nail Art package options for you - check them out! 

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We don't want to cause any panic but we only plan for so many boxes a month and when they're sold out, they're sold out!

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Nails Are Natural Accessories

Here at Fearless Nail Art, we are all about helping you feel empowered by the manicures you create! We want our subscribers to look at their nails and think with pride, "did this." Our monthly nail art subscription will send the nail art right to your door with unique or seasonal themes. All you need to get started with us are your favorite nail polish colors and some "you" time! Or invite a few friends over and share the spoils. 

We hope you adore your subscription as much as we adore curating it! 


Kendyl Reis

Fearless Nail Art Founder

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Our Store

Our website also has a store filled with previous boxes, the contents of previous boxes, and other fun nail art goodies that you can purchase without a subscription. These purchases ship within 1-2 business days! Perfect for people who can't wait to get their nail art. We have deconstructed the products of some of the recent boxes so if there was a specific item you wanted, check out The Store

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Need help with your account?  Wondering about something nail art related? Have more questions about subscriptions? We love to hear from our customers so please don't hesitate to email us if you need help or have questions on anything! 

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