Frequently Asked Questions

No, it's a-okay to be a beginner! We'll send basic instructions along with every box and you can check out our favorite How-to-videos. On top of the videos we have here on our website, YouTube has a lot of different nail artists who do an amazing job showing you the basics.

We don't include nail polish in our box you can find high-quality polish almost anywhere. A Fearless Nail Art box focuses on top quality decals, glitters, stamping plats and more that you're not going to find in the beauty section of every single store.

Absolutely. Check out the Fearless Nail Art Store where we sell past boxes in addition to a selection of our Nailed It Brand decals and rhinestones!

Yes we do! It costs anywhere from $3-5 (USD) to ship to other countries. Just know that it will take a little longer for boxes to get to you if you are not in the United States. 

For US residents- it takes usually 2-3 business days. Boxes ship from Connecticut, so it really depends on how far you are from there. 

For international residents- it is a little tougher to determine how long it'll take. For the most part, it seems that boxes usually arrive to their international homes in 7-8 business days.